Tuesday, 30 June 2009

London Wetland Centre - Widgeons!

I ent to London Wetland Cetre for the first time yesterday and it is lovely lovely! At first I was a little disappointed, because it seemed like a bird zoo catered to children, but then it got quiet and there are wild areas, gorgeous and marshy with exciting ducks and lilies and reeds and tumbling plants :D -happy sigh- and the weather was so good (and i made an amazing picnic).

bird glee:

- fat moorhens running around with giant feet
- baby moorhens with extremely giant feet
- brown ducklings that kept bobbing under the water and reappearing elsewhere
- golden sparkling something mist under the water (not bird related but nonetheless good)
- 2 wigeon on opposite sides of a fence wondering how to reach each other
- blue beaks
-general amount of ducks

the pictures aren't mine (links below) but the top one is white headed duck (should be called blue beak duck) and bottom one is widgeon ( i heart the name widgeon).




Wednesday, 24 June 2009

MA Design for Textile Futures Final Show

I realise I've left posting this extremely late as the show is almost over...but if you want to see my final work and the work of 20 other textile futures designers, head to Central Saint Martins Southampton Row (nearest tube Holborn) today or tommorow between 12-8pm! Once inside follow signs heading to MA Design for Textile Futures.

Click here to see what you can expect :)

Hope you can make it!

Dead Moth Dirty Plate

I left my washing up to do in the morning...and when I came to do it there was a dead moth drowned in this greasy plate :( sad. disgusting. strangely beautiful.

Grassy Cat Car

I spotted this while walking up Caledonian Road! I'd like to imagine it was real grass but it was probably pretend. Mmm ugly :) My favourite bit is wing mirrors as ears.

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Er..and I finally saw this...and got totally involved in the robot love story between Wall-E and Eve. I almost shed tears. Mild shame. But I think the film is lovely, I want to own it, the depiction of a destroyed, abandoned, empty earth was well done. Depressingly, I see this future. But without the hopeful ending. Boo.

Let's end this post happily though.. yay for robots that turn into cubes when they are scared! :D

2001 A Space Odyssey

Watched this with my dad...barely paying attention at first...but by the end I really liked it...despite not really understanding. I like stories with human versus robot where the robot is going wrong because of the way it thinks. Like I, Robot (book not film).

Madness & Modernity & Wellcome Collection


The Wellcome Collection never fails to fascinate me. I took my sister for her first visit weekend before last! Madness & Modernity...not something I'd had any interest in before. The exhibition is both disturbing and intriguing. I certainly learnt alot. The part I like best was the very las part though, with art by patients. The painting above is by Joseph Karl Radler. Click for more info.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Kuniyoshi @ RA

Caught this on Saturday :) Good. Times. Delicious detailed woodblock prints of epic battles. Many with oversized animals :D

Part of the joy was definitely the descriptions that went with the prints, telling the storys. Example: "He disappeared beneath the sea and reappeared moments later with a crocodile under each arm. An unprecedented feat."

The picture at the top shows a bird that thinks it has landed on a nice branch but in fact, unfortunately, it has landed on giant lobster whisker!


Sinister storytelling + beautiful prints = <3