Saturday, 5 February 2011

Planning a journey...

So we are finally planning our 2 month travels......and so very very excited! Stu has never been to Asia at all and I've never been without my family, never independently planned a trip.

One month will be spent travelling Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. One month will be spent in Japan. In Japan we will spend 2 weeks with my family (who don't speak English) and 2 weeks sightseeing.

My main goal is to improve my Japanese to a level where I can hold a conversation. My Japanese is basic and I've forgotten so much. It makes me very sad that I can't really communicate with most of my family. I'm trying to self teach from my sisters old textbook, and talking to my mum in Japanese when we phone...

Other than that I want to learn about and enjoy different cultures. I spent alot of time looking into volunteering, but realised short-term volunteering may not be helpful. I don't think I'm knowledgeable enough to make definite judgements, but I can certainly see how "voluntourism" could be a problem, especially where children are involved. I'm going to opt for not. But will see if there are any opportunities to get involved in conversation practise, so we wouldn't be amatuer teachers teaching a class, just a bit of extra help. I like the look of Big Brother Mouse in Laos...obviously, as a former bookseller and lover of storytelling. Definitely want to drop in there! I'd like to donate as well. Books were my world as child.

I could ramble on, I'm so excited but I guess I should stop :)

I can't believe I stopped for so long!

I got so caught up with wedding planning and life that I just stopped blogging. I still can't believe I'm married now...people keep asking how it feels, it feels the same, but with rings and and extra underglow of happiness :D Yay.