Tuesday, 9 March 2010

25 : 365

I have decided to do this 365 thing that I've seen being done at Afeitar (a pretty blog I like to read). You take a picture every day for a year and then you have a year captured in photographs. I think its a flickr thing, I'll look into that later, for now I'm doing it here for myself, starting from yesterday, my 25th birthday, rather than the start of the year. I'm going to capture my 25th year.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Book Club Boutique - Sophia Blackwell

Yesterday a friend and I went to the Bookclub Boutique at Blacks in Soho. It was very lovely, charming and intimate with open fires, sofas and writers reading stories, poetry and singing. It was Alice in Wonderland/fairy tale themed - how perfect for me! We did feel a little awkward, being somewhat shy and everyone appeared to know each other, although they seemed nice.

Highlights for me were Salena Godden making up an excellent song, on the spot, about Alice in an artichoke, Rachel Rose Reid telling a story about seals and Sophia Blackwell's poems.

There was gin to be drunk from teacups too, though I stuck to regular tea. We were too hungry to stay to the end though so we had to leave around 8:30 and didn't see everything. It goes on from 3 til 12. I think you can get food there but don't know what it costs! We went to Crepe Affaire, and enjoyed teapigs and crepes. Then found out afterward that they don't use free range eggs. So I won't be returning. Why on earth do they bother using organic flour but not eggs??? It puzzles me.

I think I will be returning to Book Club Boutique though.