Monday, 18 August 2008

Days of Reading - Proust

Favourite quote -

"For me, voluntary memory, which is above all a memory of the intellect and of the eyes, gives us only facets of the past that have no truth; but should a smell or a taste, met with again in quite different circumstances, reawaken the past in us, in spite of ourselves, we sense how different the past was from what we thought we had remembered, our voluntary memory having painted it, like a bad painter, in false colours."

There was also a long memory description of stolen moments reading as a child and it reminded me of myself reading as a child <3

Friday, 15 August 2008

Heart my Garden

I think my laundry looks really attractive seen through the flowers :) everythings so wild and tumbling and we have loads and loads of free blackberries :) much joy.

The Lamp of Memory by Ruskin

I'm borrowing some of the new Penguin Great Ideas range from work. They are such beautiful little embossed matt books :D I read this one too quickly and it was difficult. I probably shouldn't have but the superior tone grated on me and it was quite religious too. But I could agree with some stuff he was saying like that we don't appreciate things enough and that understand their meanings. And that architecture is full of memory and meaning, it contains the past? There was a huge section in Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame saying the exact same thing I think. Anyway I think Ruskin reckons we should take as much care over the building of our own house as of like a cathedral, it should be as beautiful and well loved. I think I see, like if we took care, put our hearts into our homes and everything, we wouldn't throw away and consume so much?

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Skeletons @ Wellcome Collection

The skeletons that lie buried beneath London. Really interesting. The room is so nice and simple too. All black with photographs of the burial sites as they are now around the walls and neat rectangle boxes for the skeletons across the room. They tell you facts about illnesses/what they can tell from the skeleton, what lives may have bewen like to cause things on the skeleton. There are hidden stories...I think I forget that everyone has a skeleton/is a skeleton and I'd never recognise them without their skin. I know I sound kind of silly probably but I'm always a little surprised when I remember and try to imagine people as skeletons.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Website :D

I can't believe I never excitedly posted when I finished building my website and got it online. I was so pleased with myself cuz I did the whole thing in code in notepad :D And now I have a new bit for collecting memories for my new project. Bit of memory research. The form was done by cuz I couldn't do it. I did the html and css to get it looking right fine but I could not do the scripting to make it work. I think I wasted like 2 nights rewriting the code over and over and trying to work out what I was doing wrong till I decided it was a waste of time. I still want to learn at some point though but I think I need a person to explain to me.

Please go to my website and send me some memories!!! I want to illustrate them and it's as anonymous as you want it!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I watched the film and read the graphic novel. I enjoyed both. Very fun. I enjoyed the slick fantastical violence in the film. (is that wrong?) The stories are completely different just with the same sort of theme of everyone does nothing and are dissatisfied and they should do something? The comic had a bit too much rape and shit in it though...I was embarrassed cuz I could sense people next to me on the bus looking over my shoulder. Lolz.

Fraction of the Whole

I've been rubbish at updating excuse is I've been adjusting to working full time at the bookshop again plus 2 hours commute each way each day. It's a nice job though..and I get to borrow books. I'm reading one with a really pretty cover atm. It's on the booker longlist - Fraction of the Whole by Steve Toltz. About a father and son and their fucked up relationship and lives. I like it so far. The dad hates people and builds a giant maze around their house :D Egggs. I took the picture from Amazon as you can tell by the orange arrow sneaking on but isn't it pretty. The book is pink and the cover is beige with holes cut out :)