Sunday, 8 March 2009

My favourite bit of Bug Bazaar @ Millenium Gallery

Visited my gran in Sheffield for her birthday this weekend and saw the Bug Bazaar exhibition at the Millenium gallery...this video was my highlight - While Darwin Sleeps by Paul Bush. This is a section of his film showing 3000 species of insect at one frame's stunning. I marvel at how beautiful insects are and how MANY there are! And amazing variation. Yet I find them so repulsive at the same time. The film goes on and makes it seem as though insects are trying to escape from being pinned in collections...

Bug Bazaar @ Millenium Gallery

Claire Moyniham - Embroidered Bug Ball

John Dilnot - Screenprint

Lots of gorgeous drawings and pieces set up like victorian insect this screen print by John Dilnot. Claire Moyniham's embroidered felty bugs on balls charmed me as did Nora Fok's insects made of found objects in nature....leaves and twigs :)

Other interesting things...Jenny Tillotson's scent whisper...biomimcry...brooches connected smehow so one person whispers into their brooch and the other persns brooch releases a puff of perfume...mimicing how this beetle releases a scent to defend itself...but this is more romantic and interesting. I just googled her and she works at the innovation centre...I thought her name sounded familiar!

There were also amazing insect robots, hexapod robots by micromagic systems.

And I learned that Chinese art used insects to represent the beauty and bounty of summer. I used insects to represent similar in my story :)

Shadow Dance

I went to my housemates uni dance show on fri...and this dance caught my eye. Lots of playing with light and shadow. This bit was my favourite, a bit of shadow trickery with the shadow of another dancer :)

Choreography: Hollie McGill Dancers: Charley Ashton-Court, Leanne Welfare, Tomomi Kosano Music: Ederdunen by Kammerflimmer Kollektief 'how the eye functions' a classroom film by KK Bosse Chiusi nel sogno by Diego Dall'Osto Performed at Resourceful Choreographer Directed Group Pieces, Froebel College, Roehampton University Friday 6th March 2009

It was a good dance show (not that I know much about dance) and Roehampton uni is beautiful! And of course my housemates dance was probably one of the better ones ;)