Saturday, 24 January 2009

Candle Rotator

Little film of my candle rotating shadow experiment...what a lot of fiddling and fire stop: clockwork?

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

playing with my window

Experimentation with shadows....cut paper and plastic attached to my window casting shadow on the curtain. It's not final design work but it's lovely because it keeps surprising me...I only get the sun late afternoon so I'll be working and suddenly Bam! I'll realise I'm surrounded by shadow of light!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

i found my teapot

I've been searching the charity shops for a teapot i'd love and this morning i found it! Joy :) Apparantly it's a Sadler teapot and apparantly this is good. I didn't know about Sadler teapots. The lady in the shop asked if I collected them and when I said no she said she expected the teapot back in a couple months when I get bored of it. This won't happen..I love my new teapot and shall use it to serve tea and glee.

domestic life

Some of my drawings...really quite happy with them! :) I used to hate my's as if something has clicked!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Book Colours....reorganising the bookshelf...

I was overcome by a bizarre urge to organise my books by colour :D All I feel now, is why did I never do this before! Eggs.

Also, not just for me, but for my project...hello colours!

Work in Progress Show - Re:Future

My work - print on paper, only visible as shadow when light shines through

Min Nyoung Seo's work - Craft recycling cork, cardboard and carrier bags

Clover Robin's work - layered ghostly photography for wallpaper

I think the show went well :) I had some positive feedback, which is lovely and encouraging to hear. Also, a shove to get industry contacts...I know I should...but it's very daunting!

Friday, 9 January 2009

Alan Aldridge @ Design Museum

Yay colours :) I liked his animal illustrations very much. Best room was set up with big cut out animal figures. I wish I could do such detailed colourful illustrations.


After the design museum we needed tea refreshment and teapod is very very good! I wish I lived nearer it...because mmmm yunnan tea and orange&almond cake.

Jean Nouvel again!

I was recommended to research the Institut du Monde Arabe because of its use of shadow and light. I find it was designed by Jean Nouvel, whose shadow kitchen cupboards I like so much!