Wednesday, 22 July 2009 @ ICA

visual poetry. playing with text. prints. there were prints created by typing with different colours from a typewriter. some looked like cross stitch samplers which i thought was quite charming. liliane lijn had rotating cones of poetry! the picture above is one of janice kerbell's circus poster style graphic/poetry pieces.

Telling Tales @ V&A

Lasting Void - Julia Lohmann

Can you hear what I hear - Kelly McCallum

Perished Bench - Studio Job

Moulded Mole Slippers - Niels Van Eijk

I loved this one! How storytelling influences's like they set it up for my personal enjoyment! And I'll probably go multiple times as it is free. It had 3 gorgeous sections, Forest, Castle, Heaven/Hell all beautifully set up and you can see some of my favourite pieces above. Which I suddenly realise are all dead animal related. Intriguing.

It's the second time I've posted about Julia Lohmann's work. I really like it. She uses her work to make a point, and can use or concern something found to be repulsive and yet her work is so elegant and beautiful.

Once upon a time...Artists and Storytelling @ Somerset House

Interesting little exhibition with two parts. First is old childhood story illustrations, second is artists storytelling, illustrations and films. I liked Oskar Kokoschka's artist illustrations best. He makes a story from where he was in his life, like a storybook diary. I guess this is what I do so is probably why I'm drawn to it. But I also like the drawing and colours. Picture above is from The Dreaming Youths by Oskar Kokoschka.

All I found a shame is that it would have been lovely to have some books to actually look through. A little picturebook corner. But maybe that's just me.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

15 books

Note 15 books that have made their mark on you and will always stick with you, for whatever reason.

These are mostly childhood books...Anyone read any of these and love them like I do? What are your important books?